Sony SmartWatch 2

Perfect complement for our phone

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is a Watch Android that meets the expectations of a brand like Sony. This device with screen touch rectangular us conveys seriousness, with a design classic and a little “casual”. Your screen of LCD 1. 6″, by what is a model of watch android for which not seek “excesses” in his wrist.

You can receive notifications of mails, messages, and even whatsapp. It is an advisable to watch for those who have your phone in vibrator mode or silent, and do not want to have it at all times in his hand.

In addition, this model to be connected with your phone via Bluetooth, you know when you walk away at some distance from it.

We must remember that we already have on the market a top model of the smartWatch the Sony Smartwatch 3 , although with somewhat more expensive this model (opportunity Sony Smartwatch 3 has considerably lowered its price).

If want integrate you in the technological world of them watches smart, perhaps this is your model to start.


price competitive, about the 90.00€.

Has the functions basic of a (notifications, time, apps generic).

long battery life (can last 4-6 days).

Warranty of a brand like.

Not so good:

✦ do not have possibility to change belt (at least not in ordinary form).

✦ Already there are larger models (Sony Smartwatch 3).

✦ do not have camera.

You can get your Sony SmartWatch 2 watch now with discount here. You can also purchase version of SW 2 with metal strap.