Sony Smartwatch 2, a Close Look

This morning, Sony has introduced its new SmartWatch, the second version. They have not hesitated to point out that they have been the first to have a product of this type on the market, citing that now it seems that everyone wants to have one.

Although it was not a functional model, we have put hands on to bring you this look closely.

Now tough and with the support of developers

Sony did not want to wait any longer and ahead of possible models of real competition (not collective funding projects) has presented its SmartWatch 2, a model of advanced clock that maintains the essence of the first generation but which includes some logical advantages of experience.

The new Sony SmartWatch 2 is lighter than the previous model, and at first sight it is comfortable to wear. In hand it weighs nothing, and the strap is very nice. We have seen the one proposed by Sony with leather finish.

This new model has bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. and the display of 1.6 inches with a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels. We also want to highlight that if it rains or we wash our hands, we can wear it, thus resists spills and dirt, Although not be immersed as such.

The Smartwatch remains compatible with all smartphones under Android, although it should be noted that only can be used with version 4.2 which carry forward. This version adds NFC connectivity, so that link terminal and watch is child’s play.

The battery, which is critical on these devices, is 1,000 mAh according to Sony, which would give to a four days of regular use, which could stretch to a week if we use it as a clock. As just it has connections with the button power, inherited design Z equipment of the company, as well as a microUSB port for charging terminal.

The belt doesn’t have just profile, which is a great joy

The Smartphone connects you to have wrist apps and widgets that serve as a connection between phone and user without having to remove the first pocket. Notifications, playing music or even the remote control of the smartphone camera applications applications will be star.

To ensure that you have a good number. Sony has confirmed that 20 are the developers adapt the existing ones and create new up to the 200 that the company says it will be ready to go to market. It will be in September but without price announced by now.

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