Sony Smartband SWR10

Is an of the bracelets more simple of Sony, although not by this less effective. Is a bracelet practice without elements that stand out or that we can away of the function for which is made. The Sony Smartband SWR10, is a bracelet that you don’t have or displayor Leds, or any other element that identified it as an electronic device.

The simplicity of this model is your best virtue, SWR10 connects to your phone via the Lifelog application, and transferred him to this all data necessary to manage our sport.

Sony bracelet l us notified of calls, messages, etc; short vibrations on our wrist. This model is available with straps in different colors, can buy it in amazon by some 47,00€ (offer) .

Smartband Sony Talk SWR30 [less 100,00€] ★★★☆☆

The SWR10’elder sister’ smart bracelet. With the Talk SWR30 Sony us presents a Watch for athletes very complete and functional. Has difference of the previous device, this smartband has a screen e -link that also is curved and is adapted to our wrist.

As it could not be otherwise the Sony Talk SWR30 is a bracelet that measures us our daily activity (even when we sleep), especially recommended for athletes. As a great novelty, Sony bracelet can be used as a hands-free and answer calls that reach us to the Smartphone. Also if we want to, we can make calls from it.

Next to the previous functionalities that make it a good Watch for athletes, we find a bracelet that receives notifications, serves as a music player and many more aspects you will discover it.

The Sony SWR30 it can find in Amazon by 139,99€, currently has lowered their price to 95,00€.