So, Each Watch Is Smart: CT-Band Is the Highlight

Replace the strap, and already a fitness Tracker or a Smartwatch is made from the analog timepiece. What may look like as a smart band shows the CT band of the French company Rifft. We chose therefore 2017 the ingenious idea to one of our CES highlights.

Each clock makes a Smartwatch and a fitness Tracker:CT band of company Rifft

The bracelet of the French company Rifft enters the stage of tech gadgets at CES 2017 for the first time. We chose it at the same time the CES highlight 2017, because the idea of each normal clock, a Smartwatch or a Fitness Tracker to make is simple as it is ingenious.

Features of the Smartwatch bracelet

Are integrated into the strap a small OLED display, an accelerometer, physiological sensors, such as heart rate or blood oxygen measurement, environmental sensors for humidity and UV radiation, and a microphone. So see not only across the screen when you are called or get a message, but tracking your own values over the corresponding app. Via Bluetooth, you synchronize the wise strap with your Smartphone, tablet or computer.


  • Material:Silicone or leather
  • Colours:7 (leather) or 11 (silicone)
  • Width:18 mm, 20 mm or 22 mm
  • Thickness:4.9 mm
  • Weight:22 grams
  • internal memory capable of storing data without the Smartphone
  • 3D-Beschleunigungssensor, Bluetooth connectivity, physiological sensors, microphone
  • Battery life:24-48 hours, charging time: 1 hour
  • Compatibility:Android and iOS
  • Range:10-20 meters
  • water resistant

CT-Smartwatch Ribbon:price, availability

You can the CT band currently for 169 euro (leather) or 149 euros (silicone) on the The company’s Web site pre-order. Unfortunately, the manufacturer makes no information when the smart strap is delivered.

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