Smartwatches Need More Functions And Features To Pay Off

We tested the main models available in the market and we saw that despite the good performance, to compensate for the high investment they still need more functions and technological resources. See which ones are best rated.

The technological products are on the rise and the launch of innovations in the market is frequent.We tested nine models of smartwatch and we saw that before you buy, you need to analyze your needs and decide if it pays to pay for a product that, so far, will only be a shortcut to some functions of your smartphone.

From Apple, the models evaluated in the test were: Apple Watch 42 mm (R $ 4,499.10);Apple Watch 38 mm (R $ 4,139.10);Apple Watch Sport 42 mm (R $ 2,969.10);Apple Watch Sport 38 mm ($ 2,609.10).Besides these, we also evaluated the models: Samsung Gear S (R $ 1,214,19); LG Watch Urbane (R $ 1,187.12);Sony SmartWatch 3 (R $ 1,399.99); Motorola Moto 360(R $ 1,099.00) and Garmin Vivoactive (R $ 1,219.80).
Performance of some models leaves to be desired
In the performance test almost all the models were considered acceptable. The exception was the Moto 360 and Garmin models, which in the watch function – the most important in these devices – did not go well.

Image shows the use of a mechanical arm servicing connections by the smartwatch during the test.

Garmin has few customization options and Moto 360 is not easy to customize without using your smartphone.In addition, the processors of both models lock and are quite weak compared to the other products tested.

Majority disappoints with battery life
In the battery evaluation the only one that was considered good was the Garmin Vivoactive. All other models when in intense use, did not complete a day in length.The battery life is essential, and if the smartwatch needs to be recharger every day, end up losing the convenience and mobility.

Positive note: Motorola’s model has a recharge base that makes it look like a bedside clock.

The models of Apple and Motorola are loaded by an induction base, that is, when arriving near a base the devices already begin to load.
Motorola has more discreet model
We also evaluated the size and weight of the devices.The Garmin, the lightest of the models weighs only 38g, while the heaviest was the Apple Watch 42mm with 78g, but all were considered light.
As for size, Apple, LG and Motorola models are less prominent on the wrist and reminiscent of a conventional watch.The Samsung model, the Gear S is one of the largest because of its large screen, and can be disproportionate in people with the finest wrist.

The Motorola model is the most discreet and eliminates any sensation of using something very futuristic on the wrist. 

Apple, Samsung and LG have better screens
When we screened smartwatches, Apple, Samsung, and LG models were considered good by businesscarriers. Motorola and Sony were considered only acceptable due to the fact that they lost some brightness and contrast when we looked at the screen from the sides.
The Garmin model was considered bad, because in all the light variations tested the image was faded, without clarity and with low readability when compared to the smartwatches of the other brands analyzed. In the picture, the Garmin screen compared to the Samsung Gear S. screen.
Garmin does not perform commands on the smartphone
In evaluating the ability of smartwatches to performcommands synced to a smartphone- how to control the music player or camera, for example, Apple models have proven to be more functional.The Garmin model did not have this function.

For the activity functions we analyzed whether there was variation in the count of steps informed by the smartwatch and, in addition we verified if the sensor of heart beat had good precision when compared to an EKC (Electrocardiogram).The best evaluated in these questions were: Apple, Samsung Gear S and LG Watch Urbane.
The Samsung device was the only one that did not need the smartphone to make calls or access the internet via 3G, as it has a space to put a SIM chip.In the test, we also checked if they were waterproof and all of them were resistant to rain splashes or hand washing.

Apple models out the front
The Best of the Test were the Apple Watch 42 mm and the Apple Watch 38 mm.The Right Choice was for the Apple Watch Sport 38mm model, which has an evaluation very close to the best of the test, but for almost half the price

The main difference between them is the quality of the glass being less sturdy, and the aluminum frame while the Apple Watch is stainless steel.