Smartwatches Market Growth

BARCELONA-After smart phones, the next tech toy in vogue might well be the smart watch, a small device that allows to have access everywhere and discreetly to messages and calls from his phone.

In the meantime the eventual i Watch on which work Apple according to many press articles, other heavyweights like Sony or small players like Pebble and I m Watch are.

Their target is users who are struggling to get their phone when they are in a meeting or to the movies, to athletes who wish to monitor their heart rate during exercise.

“The future is, in General, to devices that can carry”, considers Massimiliano Bertolini, Managing Director of the Italian company i’m, present at the World Congress of mobile telephony in Barcelona (Spain) to present its flagship, the watch i’m Watch multifunction.

This smart watch works as a complement of the smart phone, with which it communicates via wireless technology Bluetooth. The user can, without leaving his phone from the Pocket, answer or reject a call, check his e-mail or see its notifications on social networks.

I’m Watch also includes specific applications, such as i’m Sport, unveiled Monday on the occasion of the Barcelona Congress. Its possessor, equipped with a strap blue tooth, can determine the duration of his jogging or a heart rate do not exceed during the effort. Functions which already existed on such as the Garmin Forerunner LED watches, but who are for the first time combined with a smart phone, says Mr. Bertolini.

With his square frame, aluminum, 1.5 inch touchscreen display and his color, I’m Watch bracelet conquered for now 30,000 customers, to 80% of men, mostly between 25 and 50 years.

“70% are iPhone users, 25% of Samsung, and 5%, other phones using the Android operating system, Google”, detailed the leader.

The company hopes to sell more than 200 000 in 2013, including by making advertising aimed at women, with emphasis on the fashion aspect of the accessory, rather than on its technological content.

Made in Italy, i’m Watch target a top of the range, with a minimum price of $ 469 for the model base, and up to $ 20,000 for the Deluxe version, in silver or gold encrusted with diamonds.

What stand out from the smartwatch of Japanese Sony, to Canada from $ 150, or the Pebble, crowdfunding success sold with more than 10 million dollars raised on Kickstarter in three weeks, marketed in the United States from $ 150.