The free Android App “SmartWatch” makes your smartphone a connection to the Sony lifestyle gadget of the same name. This is usually carried out on the wrist instead of a watch. Mobile and SmartWatch exchange information via the power-saving Bluetooth 3.0 protocol, such as upcoming appointments, missed calls, Facebook notifications or new emails and tweets. These are then displayed on the watch display.

Duty for all Sony Smartwatch fans
The Android app is literally a must-have for all owners of the intelligent accessory, because an installation is required for a connection between the mobile phone and the clock. The “smart” watch is not only suitable for technophile geeks, it is also really handy if you normally hear your phone, for example because you work in a noisy environment or carry it in Briefcase or handbag.
Conclusion:Unobtrusive informant on the wrist
The Sony SmartWatch is a handy tool that keeps you informed about all appointments, calls and communications. In the test, the connection to the watch worked reliably, only sporadically short connection crashes occurred. However, you need to get used to plugging the smartphone into the charging station every day. The SmartWatch itself also calls for new energy after a working week at the latest. With the associated app you usually download free new plugins and thus always extend the useful factor. With the smart extras like the music player, the phone book and the Weather widget, Sony has more tools for the wristwatch.
Benefits:The 128 x 128 pixel large window to the World Management app for the clock
Central Plugin Management:
In fact, the app only controls the available extensions for the SmartWatch. These are installed, enabled, or disabled and configured here. In addition, you can search for new apps in the Play store directly and filter the results by categories such as communication, games, notifications, and productivity.
Cons:The price of convenience-what you need to know about the SmartWatch app
Nested installation:
The app does not only manage SmartWatch plugins, it is also an extension for the Android Smart Connect (LiveWare ™ Manager) tool, which must be installed on your smartphone before.
Greatly reduced battery life:
Of course, a permanent Bluetooth connection, together with the installed system services of the app, also requires increased energy consumption, and this is also promptly noticeable in the test: the average running time with a battery charge is reduced by Noteworthy 35-40 percent-even if there is no connection to the clock!
Tested under:Samsung Galaxy S3 under Android 4.1.2
Version update:Version 1.3.28 comes with new watch designs and feature enhancements on the SmartWatch as well as a category search in the smartphone app itself.