Smartwatch U11 Specifications

Functionalities and sensors

Applications are the basic in this type of watches (remember that it doesn’t have Android Wear). Although as have commented before with any application in your phone you can even install any application more in the clock.

Some of the features to note are:

  • Speaker and microphone (to answer and receive calls).
  • Messages and notifications.
  • Grabber’s photographs of the phone (you can see the image in movement).
  • Pedometer (distance, calories,…).
  • Reminder for inactivity (configurable minutes).
  • Stopwatch.
  • Electronic compass.
  • Alarm.
  • Playback of music (you can listen for the same Watch).
  • Agenda and caller ID.
  • Monitoring of the quality of the dream (not is automatic).
  • (Only Android) phone loss control.
  • The time (with Mediatek).

In general they are the basics that you can ask a smartwatch for this price. A small disadvantage is that some of these must of activate it manually, as is the monitor of sleep.

Do not have GPS, WiFi, or heart rate.

Battery of the Smartwatch U11

We wanted to highlight this section, since we were surprised his 360 mAh battery. Not it have had to make a new load to last five days (with normal use). The manufacturer suggests that you can be up to 10 days without charge if use you only as clock.

Conclusion and price

To view it is that the smartwatch U11 is a quite superior to their previous model. The possibility of incorporating a SIM card, your best HD resolution screen, and longer lasting battery makes it much better option than the U8 like Archos Smart Watch CES.

Surely some problems of connectivity with some terminals (impossible to analyze with if or not), and its design that not is precisely “nice” not it make a clock perfect. But it is a very good choice for those who want to have a clock that allows you to make and receive calls, and that reminded notifications.

The price of the U11 is slightly superior to the U8, and we can find in the market different manufacturers.