Smartwatch U11 Reviews

This is a very important issue if you’re thinking you buy the U11. This smart watch is compatible with iOS (v. 7.1.1 or higher) and Android (4.2 or higher), but with phones that have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

In the connectivity with iOS, not have access to the following features: Control remote’s camera, alarm leash and pedometer.

In order to receive notifications in your U11 smartwatch, you will have to install an application in your terminal. In the model Excelvan the application is USmart, also is recommended the app from SmartBlue.

[Receive notifications Android 5.1.1.] Our tests have made them with a Xiaomi Mi4C having Android 5.1.1., and have to say that we have had problems with receiving notifications (whatsapps, facebook, etc) in our terminal, with previous apps. The two applications that have worked with us to receive notifications are Mediatek Smartdevice and BtNotification. The problem resides in that from settings additional > > > Security > > > access to notifications, must of appear the APP and give you permission.

With the application of Mediatek (on our phone) have managed to install other applications in the clock, such as: an application to know the weather in our city, or an application for our physical activity. Read more for how to choose a smartwatch.

A problem that we have not managed to solve at the moment is that when we have several whatsapps without reading, they gather and we can not open it to read them.

One of the great advantages of this Chinese watch is the possibility to make and receive calls from the own clock (can dial the number, or even resort to the agenda of the phone or the clock). [support GSM 850/900/1800/1900]

But this U11 goes further, and that we can insert a SIM card in an adapter (which will separate the clock), and reseat it in the back we will make calls from the clock without being connected to the phone. I.e., that can leave the phone at home and receive / send calls.

When you have installed the module with the SIM card, you have the option of call since clock or from the phone (as long as you have the clock connected to terminal). If not have the module the calls is run with the SIM of your phone, although the make from the clock… It seems rather confusing but not it is both.