Smartwatch U11 Analysis

Pros: ★ hands free (make / receive calls) ★ card SIM ★ Compatible with iOS and Android ★ duration battery ★ price

Cons: ✢ design ✢ ✢ limited Apps notifications

Have tested, fretted and analyzed the Smartwatch U11 (version Excelvan), and you are going to tell all what we think of this new watch Chinese. Smartwatch U8 has been one of the best selling watches, you’ll achieve the U11 overcome it?

After several days of testing with the smartwatch U11, we are ready to tell you the most important thing of this new Chinese clock. A clock that has many similarities with the U8 and the U10 but with some advantages considerable. Between them it of a battery of greater duration and the possibility of inserting the card SIM, but this it will see more forward.

Design and characteristics of the U11

It is impossible to carry out an analysis of the U11 without naming the U8, we hope to not be very recurrent in this. The design is very similar to the U8, although their technical specifications are quite different.

Comment that the not is a clock that call the attention by its design, is something rough, and robust (the clock that is can take a pitch playing to the football without problems). It is rather thick (9 mm), especially if we add adapter for SIM (about 11 mm), but does not give the impression of being excessively large on the wrist for Nokia smartwatch.

There are currently three different versions of the U11: silver, grey and black colour.

The belt is rubber, and seems to be much better quality than the of the U8. The closure is the classic buckle, that will make that it fits perfectly to your wrist. Not have possibility of Exchange.

You have only one physical button on one side (to turn). The same load is a microUSB port on the other side of the clock. To go back in the menu press the part lower of the screen.

Screen and dimensions

The screen is much better than that of his predecessors (U8 and U10). Rectangular touchscreen 1. 59″, with a resolution of 320 x 320 HD, the improvement can be seen mostly at the time of the remote control of the phone’s camera (see clear moving images). We have 5 levels of luminosity, which you can adjust the setting. Also from the options you can configure if you want the clock display is “turned on” or “turn off” with a twist of your wrist.

You have two possibilities of interface, a classic and other “cool” (that is the one we chose). Just five watch face different, there are not many but less da a stone.

Regarding the dimensions, we have already indicated that it is somewhat rough, especially with the adapter to insert the SIM. Its official dimensions are 50 x 40.2 x 8.9mm, and its weight of 185 g.

Processor and memory

This is not a subject that we want you to give much importance. Since the U11 takes its own operating system (if you want to call it that), and in little influences your processor or memory. Of all ways to the processor is a MTK2502C (compatible iOS and Android), the memory RAM of 64 mb, and 128 MB of internal.

Menu and features in Spanish.