Smartwatch Rwatch M26 Reviews

This watch Chinese already carries some months in the market. Its main function is to use it as a hands-free and receive notifications (although in this case only will see who send us them).

If you are looking for a Smart Watch with not many benefits but that you comply with the basic functions, you can perhaps be one of the options among the different of Chinese watches. Perhaps we could compare it with the U8, but with the difference of a circular and modern design. Its screen is also 1, 40″ and is compatible with Android 4.0 or higher.


Simple and easy of use.

Compatibility with Android and iOS.

Not so good:

✦ do not should wet it, if you do not want to be without it.

✦ Problems to connect with some phones. See Sportsqna for full scope of smartwatches.

I leave you a video to see as is this Watch Chinese M26. In Amazon Spain you can get it by € 45.00 in blue .

Smartwatch U10L | More classic ★★★☆☆


Already we have spoken previously of this watch Chinese, that is a model evolved from the U8 and the U10. As already mentioned the U8, but with features quite a few chords with the price, has the burden of being a watch something rough and with a too-simple design.

Them manufacturers knowing this opinion we have brought the Smartwatch U10L, a device more complete that the previous model.

Is a model more advanced, since their thickness is lower and has a higher resolution of screen. The battery also is slightly higher, with 250 mAh, what you is something more than autonomy.

Regarding its functionalities are practicamentes the same as the smartwatch U8; Although this Chinese clock U10L has removed the altimeter and barometer, by a sleep monitor. In short, for a little more you have a Chinese watch something more advanced and better design.

At present the availability of the U10L at Amazon is low | 42.00€.


Easy to use.

Compatibility with Android and iOS.

Not so good:

✦ By its price is recommended the U11

✦ Too “classic” in your design.