Smartwatch: Microsoft’s Windows Watch Is a Prototype


New guide to Microsoft’s Smartwatch: the development of the smart Windows clock is allegedly for a year, nor however is the gadget in a prototype State. The watch as an accessory for the Xbox was originally planned, reported the website The verge citing sources at Microsoft, who are familiar with plans for the development of the console. Xbox accessory, the clock in conjunction with sports games for the Kinect motion sensor should record the heart rate, energy consumption, and other data.

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In addition to Apple and Samsung also said Microsoft in an own Smartwatch builds, already early 2013 to manufacturers in Asia received the orders for the components of the watch with touch input. It reported the Wall Street Journal, citing no named leaders of component suppliers.
The principle behind the Smartwatches: The watches to communicate via radio with a Smartphone or tablet of the owner and display incoming messages, as SMS and Facebook messages, or more directly on the wrist. The Smartphone can remain protected in the bag so the idea.
For Microsoft, it would be the second attempt to wrap around the wrist of the user: smart personal object technology, SPOT, the company christened its first trial, which was presented at the earlier COMDEX IT exhibition in 2002. At that time, the watches were responsible but even for its smart features, SPOT watches should receive information via radio radio and then, for example, warn of a traffic jam on the road. In addition to watches were at that time also planned smart pens and key rings.
Although is still unclear, according to the WSJ, whether the new Microsoft Smartwatch will be actually in the trade, at least some technical specifications seem already set: A 1.5 inch touchscreen should get the new watches, the newspaper reported on InternetSailors.  (mas)