Smartwatch Market Collapses – Most Losses at Apple

While Apple, Huawei and co. Smartwatches more than ever as “the next big thing” sale, the sales talk but a completely different language. Compared to the previous year it slumped namely massivst, according to new figures of the IDC.

70 percent loss for Apple

For me, this loss of 70 percent was not as surprising. Okay, even the 70 percent maybe, but not really losing. Until now, Smartwatches are only gadgets for technology enthusiasts and have been a mostly eh in the has. These devices do not necessarily interested in the normal user.

Smartwatches have until now still the major problems that they have been around for years. The battery life is not practical and also the added value for many users not visible. What is it with a Smartwatch, if you already have a Smartphone? In addition, Smartwatches are relatively expensive and not just value stable.

The extreme growth of Garminis interesting. This may be because that Garmin has a very special niche for these watches. The target group of these wearables are athletes or people who want to see accurate GPS and elevation data. It also sells special close watches, which are aimed at runners for some time.