Smartwatch as Nanny: This Gadget Educates Your Child

The first Smartwatch based on symbols is funded on kickstarter. This gadget developed for children to provide good habits and clock reading.

Sandman look, brush your teeth, go sleep. Many young children need routine – in the positive sense. But just unpleasant activities such as evening personal hygiene can end up in a wrestling match. The American company joy wants to provide assistance there with a children Smartwatch. The product is called Octopus and is currently on Kickstarter funded.

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Smartwatch for child: calendar in the icon format

The goal of the Smartwatch is simple:children should learn positive habits and the concept of time management. In contrast to other Children Smartwatches monitor the location of your child’s the Octopus. Instead, the gadget is rather a Appointment calendar wrist:events appear the child with symbols on the day, as tightening before the kindergarten or school, breakfast and brushing your teeth. So the child will learn independently, to adhere to a certain routine. Meanwhile, the parents check this routine with the app – because after each completed task the child, they should cut off button.

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Nanny on the wrist, night light as charging station

Nor is there not to buy the Smartwatch, the product is just on Kick starter financed. The early-bird bundles are sold out, but the limited kick starter offer for $ 69 is still available. A clock in one of five different colours and a charging cable are included. According to the manufacturer, he shall Battery about 96 hours and be with IP65 waterproof. The watch weighs 18 grams and has a colour OLED display. The clock according to the manufacturer shows up to 600 symbols. In addition, you can purchase a charging station, which looks like a ghost, but probably represent a kraken. This not only boosts the Smartwatch, but at the same time also a Night light.

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