Smart Watches with Android Wear

Designed with a square screen and another round, a tour of the most outstanding features and functions of the two models smartwatch based operating system Google.

Wristwatch, exactly as we knew for almost 100 changed. Not only it tells time. It is a partner device connected to the Internet in many cases a smartphone and as almost a logical consequence, it has become a notification center.What happens in the network through the mobile and then comes to wearable . Then we arrive by transitive emails, WhatsApp and what happens in social networks.

It also provides us keystroke biometric information and the steps covered during our session trekking or running. Surely, between models from different manufacturers, many possess some distinguishing features, although much of the basics will be similar.So why choose one or the other? Beyond the price, appearance. One with big screen maybe will not like many girls dolls. In other cases, a sporty or classic look, will influence the decision to buy this or that team.

On the other hand, the new smart watches are advantageous if we think in terms of security. As we move down the street or in public transport, wearable with a vibration alert us that someone wants to communicate with us or sent us a message. So no need to show that we have an important foreign cell. With a little discretion, the clock will pass almost unnoticed when we look.

And speaking of looks, two devices that have just arrived to Argentina, the Moto 360from Motorola and LG G Watch answered by internetDict, would become examples of how the lines, appearance, are important. Both use the same software as the operating system, Android Wear of Google, and are compatible with any smartphone that use at least Jelly Bean, or Android 4.3. The display of the Moto 360 is round with a diameter of 1.56 inches (with resolution of 320 x 290 pixels), while LG, which is square, has a diagonal of 1.65 inches, with a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels. On the screen the Moto 360, at the bottom, there is a black area, so if we choose a light background, you will notice that it is not a full circle. Then we opt for dark backgrounds.

In the case of Motorola model weight is 49 grams, against 63 having the LG.

Supposedly, on both sides, with the sudden twist of the wrist up to the maximum brightness of the screen, but this does not always happen, unless they are ever-lit screens, but with dim lighting. If the displays are always on the battery will last less.

In addition to the default formats quadrants or can be downloaded from the Web, you can put any own image as wallpaper.

Linking these watches with any smartphone is very simple and need not be of the same brands. We can change the wallpaper and types of virtual hands we use. It also has voice commands, activating the saying “OK, Google” and then what we see, as could be the agenda or run an application. It also answers questions as we do to any search engine, as it could be “who is the current US president.” The answer will appear on the small screen clock. You can also answer Google Hangouts messages and Facebook Messenger by voice.

You can order the watch command “browse” and you will see that the GPS clock is connected to the smartphone and then shows the corresponding addresses.

Recall some of the features of the two clocks. Starting with the LG G Watch, its battery is a lithium polymer 400 mAh (with a range of about 2 days), your CPU is a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400, has a 512 MB RAM and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. It has accelerometer, pedometer and gyroscope.

In the case of Motorola Moto 360, the battery is 320 mAh, with a range greater than one day, of course, depending on the use we make of it. His chip is a TI OMAP 3 with 4 GB of internal storage and 512 MB of RAM. Besides having Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect to a network via Wi-Fi. It has pedometer and pulse meter.

They are water resistant (not mean they are for use by divers in their dives but are splash proof) and dust. We can take screen reminders from social networks (such as Facebook or Google+ birthday) and the weather and forecast for the days of the week.The housings are made of stainless steel and strap model is leather Motorola Horween.

As for prices in Argentina, the Moto 360 costs $ 5499. If you want to buy the LG G Watch, its price is $ 3499. Of course, the two clocks with alarm and stopwatch.