Smart Watches in the Test Lab

Before a Smartwatch in our leaderboard may take place, she must go through a hard test procedure. We explain how the measurements and scores in the categories of equipment, operation and battery come about. In the video we introduce also the best of the three Smartwatches. 
Smartwatches are more or less an extension of your phone: with the help of the clever clocks you see what’s going on your Smartphone on. This requires however a good hardware and operation. Here we explain the test procedure, with which we the best Smartwatches for our leaderboard Crown.

Smartwatch test: Facilities

Facilities included in the category most of the hardware specifications on a Smartwatch: here we clarify whether a watch water resistant and a SIM card slot is available. Also, we examine features such as pulse measurement, voice control and programmable fitness goals. In addition, we evaluate the pixel density and interfaces such as Wi-Fi, low energy Bluetooth, GPS and NFC. Final we still assess whether standard apps like news, stop watch, weather and navigation are still available or installed. Overall, we evaluate the category “Equipment” with 35 percent.

Smartwatch test: Operating

The operation is us just as important – and contributes to overall just 35 percent. Here we examine, for example, the value of a Smartwatch in the CHIP Test Laboratory – two testers need to make their assessment. In addition we check how easy the Smartwatch charge fits and which systems you can pair the watch.

Smartwatch test: Battery

The battery is scheduled at the Smartwatch test procedure as the last of the three rating categories. Here, CHIP is particularly important that the propagation time measurement on all systems can take place under the same conditions. That is why we opted for a push notification test, which automatically every minute sends a test email to your Smartphone. The Smartwatch gets forwarded the message, vibrating and activates the display. Although each user uses his Smartwatch differently, but we feel the display of messages as a basic function of any Smartwatch. Our values determined so do not necessarily correspond to the real runtime, but so are approximate values comparable with each other. The battery rating flows with 30 per cent in the total score with a.