Smart Watches Come Back

Wednesday, September 4, just before the Berlin (IFA) Electronics Show, Samsung is expected to unveil a smart watch named Galaxy Gear.

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The Android smartwatch, new horizon of connected objects? The big names in the industry (Apple, Google, Microsoft) have projects in the area. Sony, LG, and Motorola have already jumped the step. Samsung isn’t at his first attempt. The Korean company has already released models, in 2009, capable of meeting the e-mail and as a phone. It had been a flop.

Samsung has filed patents for wristwatches equipped with flexible screens which is enrouleraient around the wrist. The object, presented in Berlin, would not also be evolved. It would be equipped with a touch screen, a camera and mini speakers, allowing the consultation of the mails and notifications. It would allow (or not) over the phone, according to rumors… This is the game of high-tech marketing.

Only insurance, the smartwatch will be a sort of “Companion” to a smartphone or tablet. A device that would always within reach of… wrist. Enough to make us crack?