Smart Bracelet: E – Strap Turns Each Watch in Smartwatch

Not the dial, but the bracelet is here “Bright head”:the so-called E-strap of the German start up company Wotch offers a clever alternative to Smartwatches. A small touchscreen display on the locking mechanism should enable communications, fitness tracking capabilities, as well as NFC payments. And with (almost) every watch!

The CEO and product manager of the young company, Mauricio Piper, recently presented the smart bracelet in a founder broadcast on television. There, he called the link between the classical mechanical and new technology as the motivation for the creation of the intelligent watch bracelet. The E-strap by Wotch should therefore combine the classic functions of a watch with the technical advantages of a Smartwatch.

Mont Blanc with similar concept

But the E-strap is not brand new according to The luxury goods manufacturer MONTBLANC has urban speed a bracelet with an integrated OLED touchscreen complementing its TimeWalker chronograph series 2015. The MONTBLANC e-strap offers the possibility, news to receive, to control the music player of the Smartphone, as well as a pedometer. Via Bluetooth, the carbon-covered steel bracelet is connected with your mobile phone and charged via microUSB.

The MONTBLANC bracelet is currently only available in conjunction with an expensive luxury watch. This could be an advantage for the E-strap by Mauricio Piper:the start-up version should be compatible with almost all watches. The Wotch E strap is not currently available. The financing is running in part by investors and is to be realised in the future using a Crowdfunding campaign.