Samsung Smart Watches Review

Samsung posted a video with a preview of his new watch with a circular screen; while it is confirming that the new Moto 360 will have two sizes; Google, meanwhile, released an update for the operating system watches.

Samsung released a video showing a preview of his new smart watch, the Gear S2, the first company with a circular screen. By suggesting the video, in this case the South Korean company will continue to pursue its own platform (most smartwatch company uses Tizen) and an interface with some distributed in a circle elements, a provision similar to the one you chose LG for Watch Urbane LTE, based on WebOS. What is less clear is whether the clock take, as had been rumored, a rotating bezel to control device functions.

The other company news expected which is Motorola, which a year ago made official the Moto 360 . Will new version? It seems so, and that will be two: the 360L and 360E, as certified by Anatel, Brazil ‘s telecommunications agency. The names suggest, of course, that the difference is in the size, since these models have different batteries: 375 mAh and 270, respectively, such as published 9to5google . The company adds, and the two versions of the Apple Watch and Asus, which also opted for two sizes for ZenWatch 2. See BRIDGAT for online watches shopping.

Samsung Smart Watches Review

A week ago Motorola tweeted a photo of a clock (later deleted) that resembled the Moto 360, but with a different control button for the position, and other hitches mesh. It is not known if the clock dispense finally the black band at the bottom of the screen; both Samsung and LG have circular screens without this limitation, and Sharp also manufactures circular screens where circuits do not occupy a special place .

But in the recent Intel Developer Forum , Intel showed a Fossil watch , one of the pioneers in the field of smart – watches with a circular design and a screen, such as the Motorola 360, also it has a black band at the base ( the flat tire, as they say in the US), and will be on sale in the coming months.

Anyway, the mystery will be revealed on September 3, the date chosen by Samsung for presentation in the lobby of the Berlin IFA fair consumer electronics to be made in that city between 4 and 9 of this month, and there will surely be more new technology; it is likely that Sony (which updated these days his sports bracelet with a new model that adds a heart monitor) present, as it did in the previous IFA, a new version of its smart watch, the same as a second edition of the LG Watch Urbane LTE (but for now it is pure speculation).

Android Wear 1.3

The announcements are made in the context of an update for Android Wear (1.3) presented yesterday , which adds interactive to watches, which now allow more information or activate a function from the initial view of clock faces.

Also, the possibility of linking a watch with another user with Together feature , and share directly photos, emoji and see their status (similar to Watch Apple that allows, for example, share the beating of a user with another and send drawings).

Android Wear will also incorporate the ability to do translations in 44 languages from the clock will reach to talk to the clock, which transform audio into text and then translate it . The function is similar to Translator, Microsoft introduced a translator for the Apple Watch last week.

According to Google, the update that incorporates these new features will arrive in the coming days to different models with Android Wear.