Samsung Presents The New Smartwatch Gear S3

After several rumors, the South Korean company Samsung presented today at IFA 2016 the new Smartwatch Gear S3.This is undoubtedly another asset of the company in the segment of wearables.

Inspired by traditional pieces that have marked the art of watchmaking, the Gear S3 combines a timeless design with the latest mobile technology.

The Samsung Gear S3 will be available in two versions, with bold designs that fit totally each person’s style: frontier and classic.

Gear S3 f rontier

Thinking of users who have an active and exploring spirit, the Gear S3 f rontier has a more robust and durable exterior structure that perfectly combines form and function.

The frontier model was specifically designed to integrate into any setting or environment – be it leisure or more professional.

Gear S3 classic

The Gear S3 classic honors the minimalist and elegant style that distinguishes the most iconic watches. The classic model was designed with a particular attention to detail – with its size and shape being worked to achieve the same consistency and balance that exists in a luxury watch.

In an attempt to find out what really sets a watch, Samsung has drawn inspiration from manufacturers around the world, giving special attention to the skills and capabilities that are required to assemble an extremely delicate and highly complex piece.

The Gear S3 is compatible with the 22mm bracelets and meets IP68 water resistance certification standards, allowing the use of the watch in the most different atmospheric conditions. For the first time in the Gear series, Gear S3 integrates Corning® Gorilla® Glass SR+ specially designed for wearable equipment, which makes the screen more resistant to scratches and other aggressions.

Specifications Summary

The 16-megapixel Always On Display (AOD) and Super AMOLED technology further differentiates the Gear S3 from other smartwatches. The AOD permanently displays the time, instead of automatically turning off the screen after some time, and displays a sophisticated display that simulates the image of analog luxury watches.

The built-in GPS functionality allows you to monitor your daily fitness activities while the altimeter / barometer and speed gauge allow you to record altitude and atmospheric pressure to control sudden changes in time, distance traveled and speed. 

Support for Samsung Pay

Support for Samsung Pay, with Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and Near Field Communication (NFC), allows you to register a credit or debit card, and its consequent use for mobile payments. Samsung Pay slims the users’ wallet by allowing payments to be made with the wrist.

There will also be no more lost phone calls, thanks to LTE connectivitywhich marks its debut in the Gear S3 Frontiermodel. Through built-in speakers, users can turn voice messages on and listen to their favorite music like Pebble smartwatches listed on educationvv.

With a battery that runs for up to 4 days, with just one charge, you can also listen to your music, make calls and display your stylish watch for much longer.