Samsung Gear Sports: Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker

Gear sport is not only a chic Smartwatch, Samsung equips the clock with all possible fitness gadgets. The gear sport unites so both categories: Smartwatch and fitness Tracker. We could create the clock already and are perfectly done. A feature is still lacking in Samsung’s Smartwatch in Germany.

In the run-up to the IFA, Samsung has in addition to the Gear Fit2 Pro also the Smartwatch gear presents sports. Compared to the Gear S3 there among other innovations:a sportier, but nevertheless still noble-looking design. Water protection in accordance with the standard 5 ATM, which allows according to the manufacturer with the clock even in sea water swimming to go; as well as a more sophisticated assessment of the caloric intake and calorie consumption. Users can receive not only an overview of their performance, but also sports program recommendations that match their eating habits and sporting goals. Since the gear also networked with smart TVs from Samsung sport, she conducts aerobics fans on request in your living room with traditional tutorial videos. We miss only Jane Fonda.

Gear sport with a smaller battery than gear S3

Samsung cooperates with the services Spotify, under armour, and Speedo, sport to bring some premium features on the gear, for example, offline playlists at Spotify. Buyers of the clock get free in the first year of these premium services.

The watch hides under her 1.2 inch touch display with 360 x 360 pixels, a 1 GHz dual-core processor clock, 4 GB memory, 768 MB RAM and a 300 mAh battery. Optionally, to control the system via the rotating bezel. This reminds of the gear S3 – only the battery is slightly smaller and may hang when using the sports features one or two days. The clock will be loaded wirelessly and with most Android devices and iPhones from model 5 (or iOS 9) compatible. The gear sports with Tizen 3 and can also use controller for the gear VR or as a payment medium using Samsung pay as.

No phone function without a mobile phone

The measuring functions work independently and can be synced after work with the Smartphone – when you dock it via Bluetooth. Then, even more mobile typical functions can control, make some calls. In the demo, also the voice control (in English) worked very well. Samsung’s digital assistant Bixby is still no German, alternatively the Google Assistant offers a solution here on Holidaysort.

Promising gear-sports features

The feature set sounds solid, well we also find that the gear sports to automatically detect which sport the user just drives, whether is just aerobics, swimming, cycling, or hiking – and thereby the calorie consumption and the maximum Oxygen value of the user can appreciate. It records the routes of the user thanks to GPS.

Is it worth switching on the gear sports?

The clock seems very well processed, but still a little bulky. However the gear S3 is still slightly larger, Samsung is the right way and rather again geared to the mass of the gear S2. Users may customize the gear sports not only with different dials, but also with all kinds of bracelets. We can evaluate only how reliable are the measurement functions, according to a detailed review, but already the gear S3 belonged to the one of the best Smartwatches her class. For users of the gear S3, obtained some features as an update, is – apart from the improved water protection – hardly reason to switch.

The gear sports is expected to be available at the end of October for 349 euro (RRP).