Samsung Gear S3, a Smartwatch Without Fault and Folly

The S3 Gear is not far from the best market watch, but it still lacks a “killer app” to free it from its dependence on the smarpthone.

Third Global seller of connected behind Apple and Garmin, Samsung watch came in late November with a new model, The S3 Gear, sold in store at a price of 399 euros. Proposed in two versions, classic, the city car, and Frontier, sportier, tested here on my wrist, she resumes the main principles of the S2 Gear in a design with impeccable finishing close to clockwork watches standards.

Without fault and folly, the Samsung S3 Gear is not far from the best connected watch of the market. It justifies its price and is a main competitor of the Apple Watch. But as the other watches connected, it still lacks something, a feature likely to give him a real utility, to free itself it from its dependence on the smartphone and give its letters of nobility to the sector.

Screen and Interface to the Top

The main highlight of the S3 Gear is undoubtedly its touchscreen. A large rotating dial to select functions without hiding the screen with his finger. The latter is responsive and very bright when it is pushed to its maximum. It is perhaps the most beautiful of the market. It offers good contrast and true comfort in usage. The function “always we display” / “always on screen”, displays the dial continuously.

The interface is based on the Software House Tizen. SMS, messages, WhatsApp or Twitter are supported from the pairing to the smartphone. The bottom button displays the menu, one from the top back and rotating Crown allows to navigate between menus and applications. The result offers the most intuitive market experience with the Apple Watch software.

Not Enough Applications

The main difference with the smart watch of Apple at the applications level. All the most popular are not available on Tizen, developers focusing on watch OS and Android Wear. Some references are missing and the app store lacks clarity. And it must pass through one too many applications (Samsung Gear, Samsung Gear S Plugin or S Health according to Ethnicityology) to configure.
Like the Apple Watch, the S3 Gear however has a microphone and a speaker allowing him to take and make calls. A condition, however, to be within reach of Bluetooth of the smartphone by which passes the call and assume an unlikely gesture in society.

A Large Watch

Gear is a rather massive watch that will be noticed on the smaller wrists. This imposing figure is explained by the number of sensors it embeds. It has an altimeter, a heart sensor and built-in GPS, an argument of choice for athletes who no longer need to take their smartphone with them during a running session. Certified IP 68, she resists an immersion for 30 minutes up to 1.5 meter deep.

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