Samsung Gear S2: The Beautiful Smartwatches

Costing from $ 1,899, Samsung smartwatch runs Tizen instead of Android Wear

Samsung has no good history in launching smartwatches. If you think about the Gear line, you’ll look at the Gear S2 with one foot behind. Who remembers the very first-rate Gear Gear, who had a camera on the wristband? What about Gear 2, which came with a home button?

But Gear S2 promises to change all that: instead of a horrible and uncomfortable square design, Samsung chose to make a round smartwatch with spinning bezel to control most of the software. In place of a camera (?) On the wristband, the Gear S2 has only the essentials to compose a decent smartwatch, says Computerannals.

However, contrary to all other modern watches, the Gear S2 runs the open operating system Tizen, instead of Android Wear, already consolidated as platform for wearable devices as extension of Android. What exactly does that change? Does the Gear S2 deliver a good set? I answer these questions in the paragraphs below.


Despite having stainless steel finish, same material used in Apple Watch , I feel that the Gear S2 looks more like a simple Apple Watch Sport, which has anodized aluminum finish.This is not necessarily a bad thing: Samsung’s smartwatch is handsome and feels good on the wrist, even though it does not have a lot of it out there.

Gear S2 classic, a more expensive and more robust model. It has the face of an ordinary watch, basically.
It looks like other ordinary watches, which also ends up being a plus point. If you want something more robust, you can also opt for the Gear S2 classic, with rotating toothed rim and leather strap that can be replaced by any 20 mm. In the original Gear S2, which is what I tested, the wristband can not be changed – it is rubber and stays glued to the device box.

The Gear S2 is very comfortable on the wrist. Although it is a bit thick, with 11.4 mm (Apple Watch has 10 mm) and weighing 47 grams, the watch does not bother after long periods of use. It is about the size of an Apple Watch of 42 mm and even on my wrist, which is relatively thin, it fit well.

I believe that the fact that the watch has circular edges, instead of being square, helps in this sensation. The bracelet that comes with the Gear S2 should also suit most people; To stay right on my wrist, I had to leave the third gap. In extremely fine pulses, even the first vain was a little broad, but nothing out of the ordinary.

One of the other aspects that most differentiates the Gear S2 in design from other smartwatches is the rotating bezel around the 1.2-inch screen. It draws on “ordinary” watches, which also have this piece, usually to serve as a tachymeter. In Gear S2, it gained some usages, allowing to navigate between the menus of the system.

The rotating bezel is made of the same material as the rest of the watch, becoming camouflaged in the design of the device. It’s even comfortable to use: the scrolling is smooth and can even be used with just one finger without harming accuracy. I had no problem twisting it unintentionally or he did not recognize the movement. At all times, the rotating bezel worked as it should.

To the right of the watch case, there are two buttons and the microphone, used to dictate messages and voice commands. The top button is used to return between applications and menus, while the bottom button is used to return to the home screen to view the time. It is always useful when you are in some application and resolves to check the time, for example.

On the back, there is information about the watch, such as the model and size of the bracelet. Also on the back is the glass-coated heart rate sensor, which can get a bit sticky after physical activity, but nothing that a jet of water will not solve. A dive also works, since the Gear S2 is IP68 certified, being dust and waterproof, with submersion at 1.5 meters per 30 minutes.


There is not much to talk about the hardware of a smartwatch. It just works as expected.The 1.2-inch screen has a Super AMOLED display with 360 × 360 pixel resolution, good enough to form a crisp display with deep black levels and clear, vibrant colors.

The screen is also good for viewing under the sunlight. I ended up leaving the brightness in 5 the whole time (the maximum is 10) and I found it acceptable. There is no option for the software to change the brightness according to the lighting conditions due to the lack of the sensor that enables this, but, frankly, I did not miss it.

Qualcomm’s 1 GHz dual-core processor also does a good job: the smartphone performs almost instantaneously, with no gaps in the animations. For functions that require the smartphone, such as switching music, a few milliseconds are enough.

As for the battery, the 250 mAh of the Gear S2 does not make the watch arrive in the “two to three” days promised by Samsung. With me, he arrived at most a day and a half.Around 8:30 am, I took the smartwatch from the charging cradle and took it for about 40 minutes, with the S Health on. Then, before bed, the battery reached about 40%.

I was able to sleep with the smartwatch with the alarm on, so he woke me up with a series of vibrations on his wrist, but soon after the race he was already under 30% battery, with the load ending in the middle of the day . For security, I decided to load the Gear S2 every night thereafter.

In practice, that did not bother me much. I do not find it comfortable to sleep with the watch, and since the charging is wireless, I take it from my wrist before bedtime and place it in the charging cradle without any problem. If, by chance, I can not carry it at night, I know it will last at least for a while.

I would only find it cooler if, during the upload, it showed the time by default, instead of just displaying the load. It does not hurt to show the time when he rests on the nightstand beside the bed. After all, that’s what watches are for, right?