Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Specifications

Soon also with iOS compatible: Samsung gear S2 as well as gear fit 2 run with Samsung’s in-house operating system Tizen instead of Android wear. Precisely for this reason, there was so far no way to connect the wearables to an iPhone. But this problem seems to be the past soon.

With an iPhone you had to waive so far at Smartwatches Samsung watches. As for Android wear an iOS app already exists, companies from South Korea also takes this step finally Tizen. Thus, Apple users through the purchase of a Samsung gear S2 or a gear to fit think 2 fitness trackers. The compatibility is made according to SamMobile by the gear Manager app now released as a beta for iOS.

Gear S2: 3G-Smartwatch for iOS

The beta will start today. Not only the standard version provides the gear S2, but also the version with integrated mobile module – a feature that does not offer the Apple Watch. If you want to participate in the beta and a gear S2 or gear fit has 2, your at least iOS version 8.4 must have installed. After that, you can register for the beta and will also receive instructions on how to install. However, the beta expires October 19 scheduled. Who wants to test should hurry up so you’d better. However, the text on the Korean side is. SamMobile users can therefore recommend to open the link with the Google Translator.

The relatively short beta phase suggests that a final release could already face the app in the near future. It is open, how many opportunities the gear Manager iOS app. The iPhone version of Android has only basic functions and a more pared-down selection wear app dials. The reason is Apple itself because the company in addition to the app store will tolerate no other stores such as for example the Google play store. It remains to be seen, whether buying a Samsung gear S2 Smartwatch or a gear fit actually would be worth 2-trackers for iPhone owners.