Samsung Gear S2 Release

Samsung is already a lot of hardware details to the gear S2, reveals to the release of the new Smartwatch Tizen operating system so far but little. But now there is initial information to the market launch of the noble-looking watch. Although, still no dates are called, but at least prices for the individual models.

In Europe, the gear S2 in the cheapest version converted from 349 euros should have to have, as the portal SammyHub Samsung wants to know. The more expensive variant gear S2 Classic will be offered for 399 euros. The communicated information is according to the report for the time being only for Finland; However, it can be assumed that the Smartwatch will be offered in this country at the same prices. At best the gear S2 in Germany might be to have even for less money, because the VAT rate in Finland is much higher with 24 percent.

Release date remains open

About the prices of the gear S2 in the United States can only be believed, but it is conceivable that Samsung will transfer the euro amounts – as is common in many other manufacturers – 1:1 US dollar. That would mean that the lower gear S2 in the United States from $ 349 will be to have, while for the classic version, 399 U.S. dollars be paid must be – plus the tax, which can be different in each State.

It is unclear when exactly the release occurs. So far, Samsung demonstrated the gear S2 only at the IFA in Berlin. The clock is a Tizen Smartwatch round display with steady control. The gear S2 is based on the classic design of traditional watches and including fitness functions. Through an integrated NFC chip with her should the payment system available so far only in Korea Samsung pay can use.