Samsung Gear Orbis Specs

Currently, Samsung is working on a new Smartwatch work entitled Orbis, which differ by a special control ring from all previously existed before wearables: SamMobile want to have now received new information about the handling of this ring by Insider sources.

Visually the rotating ring around the circular display reminiscent of Orbis Samsung probably an ordinary diving ring a watch for water sports enthusiasts, the function of the features but is totally different: you stroking your finger from bottom to top on the display of the Smartwatch, for example, a display with your recently used apps where it switches through app for app using a gentle rotation of the ring opens. It turns right, faster after three apps are displayed at once so that you can scroll faster through the recently opened programs. Closing can be the menu of a pressure on the power button, Orbis sitting in the laterally mounted Crown of Samsung.

Incoming calls and music playback

Execution of telephone calls is probably not possible with the ORB. SamMobile assumes that Samsung will put its new watch on Android wear, what does not support this function. A call comes in on your Smartphone, then Samsung’s is intended to alert new Smartwatch but you. Still, the Koreans seem to prepare their watch, to cooperate in such situations with headset and your Smartphone. At least, it would be useful to receive calls about the watch and reject, if you can make the calls not directly about the Smartwatch with such equipment. Should this happen again on a rotation of the ring: you move him to the left, is a call rejected and sends a default message to the caller. It turns instead to the right, the call is pushed away simply. Ongoing phone conversations should be canceled, however, pressure on the Crown.

Control music playback through ring to apparently similar to expire as in the menu of the most recently used apps. It wipes the screen upwards, opens a submenu through which you can navigate with the ring. A track is already running you can forward a song or jump back by means of rotation of the ring. Also, the control panel should serve to mute an alarm clock, to activate the snooze function and to switch with which you want to pair your watch between different watches or even equipment. In the built-in weather app Samsung Orbis to navigate also you between the current weather and forecasts for the next few hours and days.

Detail data from the referred to unspecified sources by SamMobile may sound, they offer but no certainty whether all these functions also in the finished Samsung Orbis Smartwatch are used. Announced the new wearable will probably be in the MWC by 2015 and possibly together with the Galaxy S6 on March 2. Until then, Samsung has some time to worry – the features and even then still functions may change until the release.