Samsung GEAR Fit 2 Technical Characteristics

This smart bracelet carries an Exynos dual core processor 1 GHz; also has 512 MB in RAM, and 4 GB of memory.

Your operating system is Tizen, although it is compatible with all Android devices with 4.4 or higher, and 1.5 GB of Ram. Device only Samsung is required Android 4.3. Not is compatible with devices iOS.

Your battery is 200mAh, somewhat lower than the of the smartwatch. It has an average of between three, four days autonomy. Load is done with a cable that is specially adapted to the device.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2

Functionality of activity bracelet

The new version of the GEAR Fit is infinitely better that their previous model. With data more accurate and reliable.

The inclusion of GPS, candidate makes to leave your phone at home out into the street to make sport.

Another new feature / enhancements is a meter more accurate (though not perfect) heart rate, allowing us the option to have continuous data (without having to give any button).

Bracelet, clearly focused on non-professional athletes, has up to 15 modes of physical activity, and one general.

On the other hand, also it allows us to receive all kinds of notifications (social networks, email, calls). And we have default answers to answer, or also done using emojis.

Other Gear Fit 2 sensor is the barometer (although it is not completely accurate). It also has gyroscope and accelerometer.

You can also play songs from SpotiFy playlists. Although the system is not very useful, since you will have to have access to the internet to play songs (he doesn’t upload them on the wrist). We indicate that Samsung bracelet does not have speakers.

You can see (and share) graphics and features of the Samsung S Health application.

The application S Health could deserve an analysis if single, since is an of them more complete apps to have a control full of a life healthy and active. The GEAR Fit we will serve to provide data of our activity physical to such application. E even if you wish, share progress and objectives with our friends and family.

You can also sync activity bracelet with other apps such as Runkeeper, Strava, or Runstatic, among others.

Another of the functions of the bracelet of Samsung, that not could miss, is your monitor of dream. This detects automatically the hours of sleep and us them “accounted for”, for then ensernarnos different graphics. Unlike that other bracelets, this also we has them hours of the NAP.

Choice of bracelets of activity:

  • Xiaomi my Band 2-bracelet cheap with display and heart rate monitor.
  • Polar Loop and Polar Loop 2

Should we buy the Samsung GEAR Fit 2?

Let us be clear, if I am a follower of Samsung (I have a terminal of this brand), would this bracelet as an important to choose option. But, well, I think that I would choose other options (see our best bracelets of activity item).

If that exist on the market cheaper smart bracelets, or with high functionality; but these not have perhaps the diversification that can give a brand like Samsung in their devices, or that design so worked with a screen curve.

Is a bracelet full (GPS, Wi-Fi, HR, notifications,…). It has a nice design, and is adjustable to our wrist. It can be a perfect complement to athletes or people who want to learn about their physical activity.