Samsung Galaxy Gear: Smartwatch in Video – Check

Samsung has unveiled the Smartwatch Galaxy gear at the IFA in Berlin. The networked clock on the market will come on September 25.

Samsung Galaxy gear:Facilities

The Samsung Galaxy gear is operated via a 1.6-inch touch screen. The display has a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels and reverts to Super AMOLED technology. On the display, 720 p video recording may be issued. The clock can record photos and videos. There is a 1.9-mega pixel camera available for this purpose. 4 GB also 512 MB of memory are internal. Using Bluetooth 4.0 works out the connection to the Smartphone that is essential for many functions of the watch. The internal battery has a capacity of 315 mAh and should keep supposedly one day.

Galaxy gear: Assessment

The Samsung Galaxy gear connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth, explained by PhysicsCat. Currently it works only with the just-announced Galaxy note 3, other Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S4 should be done later using update compatible. Phones from Sony, HTC, or even Apple remain sidelined.
The watch weighs 80 grams, making it lighter than the most wrist watches. Despite plastic bracelet she appears quite elegant and resistant. Cable run eventually in the bracelet. Also the display bezel brushed aluminum makes a good final jolt. The small screen acts despite low resolution very sharp and colorful. The camera built into the strap recorded come with photos and videos relatively well. Privacy we keep the camera watch for concern, because it is now possible almost unnoticed to shoot photos. Thanks to Bluetooth connection and built-in microwave oven, you can make calls without taking the phone out of your pocket. This keep the watch on the ear, which looks at least strange. You cannot read messages like SMS or E-Mails on the Smartwatch, she only informed their input on the Smartphone. Thanks to built-in pedometer and the clock as a fitness device is good apps from Runtastic and Runkeeper. Instead of being dropped before jogging, they now can be a part of the fitness program.
Useful we find place also the charger via USB with charging contacts power donates. Given the meager battery and the constant wireless connection with your Smartphone can assume only, that the Galaxy gear gives up the ghost after a few hours in the operating.
CHIP online says:
Is this the great revolution of Samsung? Not really. First of all, Samsung is not the first manufacturer with this idea. There are already smart watches, some of Pebble. Sony was also faster and brings in September the second generation of its own smart watch. Samsung held only a great media spectacle own hour. In spite of the rather large feature set, the Samsung Galaxy gear could be a flop:it is quite expensive for a price expected to be 300 euros. Also:A watch that needs to be charged every day? Doesn’t have to be.   (mwi)