Rolex Pre – Daytona by James Bond Is Auctioned

The Rolex watch from James Bond film “in the Secret Service of Her Majesty” comes under the hammer

George Lazenby is basically the most exclusive of all James Bond performers, because he only had one bet. Nevertheless–or precisely because of this–the sixth Bond film “in the Secret Service of Her Majesty” of 1969 is Unforgotten. Not only Lazenbys blow exchange with the character (bald) head telly Savalas in the role of the villain Blofeld, but also the rapid Skiverfolgungsjagd of the fictitious Piz Gloria, Bond fans are still in good memory.

While in Blofelds domicile on the mountainside ten young women are captivated (see photo), James Bond wears a forerunner of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona: The so-called pre-Daytona, reference 6238, of circa 1968 has neither contrast-coloured dials nor a Tachymeterlünette and has a more elegant look than the legendary Daytona racing chronographs.

The Rolex reference 6238 was built between 1960 and 1968; The actual Daytona has been around since 1963. The red stop hand of the Bond watch is a special production and unique in this model.

On 18 July, the French auction house Artcurial auctioned off the clock of Agent 007 in Monte-Carlo. Like 32 other Rolex watches from the Sixties to Eighties, it belongs to the private collection of a racing driver. The clocks are estimated together at 1.5 million euros. Ak

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