Revo Blik: WiFi, Radio and Alarm

It is called Revo Blik, and the truth is that it looks good. It is a kind of mediacenter but only audio, which integrates a Radio FM, radio Internet, clock and alarm clock in the same pileup, You can also connect to your computer via WiFi and play the songs contained on your hard drive.

Works with both Windows and Mac and has a small LCD screen which shows, in addition to the hour, the reproduced information: name of song, station radio, frequency, time, duration, group…

Another feature that offers is the possibility to connect an iPod and use the Revo Blik as a speaker, allowing the playback of the songs contained in the Apple player.

The Revo Blik is sold in two colors, black and white, and has a price of 140 euros. Unfortunately, right now it is out of stock in AdvancedMP3Players, online where to sell it shop.