Qualcomm Toq: Mirasol Smartwatch in the Practice Test

Qualcomm had presented an own Smartwatch with the Toq, which is compatible with all Android Smartphones from version 4.0.3 and owns a mirasol display. At the Mobile World Congress, the Smartwatch could try out how.

Qualcomm Toq with Mirasol display

The processor manufacturer has already in may first Mirasol displays presented for mobile phones. The display has ppi on Toq shown at Mobile World Congress with a 1.55-inch display with 222.
Mirasol consumes no power when the image on the display is unmoved and uses light to light the display. In the reverse case, this means: lighter surrounding all the brighter the display and without sensor technology. The Toq remains as legible in the outdoor sunlight. In dark rooms, enable a small lamp on the watch to still easily read the display. The screen is also constantly active, a time so permanently displays the Smartwatch. The Qualcomm Toq to withstand continuous operation for three to five days and can wirelessly download.

Functions of the Qualcomm Toq

In addition to calls SMS and emails to can answer. To do this, no keyboard, but a selection of templates is provided. With which you can tell quickly, that one is in a meeting or soon will sign. You can save even answers. Also the Toq only in conjunction with a Smartphone works like the competing products. Bluetooth is available for this purpose. Also, you can listen music via Bluetooth headset.
Qualcomm sold the Toq for around $ 250 over the own Web store. The watch is basically only a proof-of-concept, Qualcomm wants to sell just the mirasol technology to hardware manufacturers. In Germany, the clock should therefore not officially come in trade.