Polar Presented M600 with Android Wear

Is this now a fitness Tracker or a Smartwatch? Polar M600 with Android wear combines both worlds – and thus is the first watch of its kind. We show you what has to offer the gadget.

Fitness Smartwatch or Android wear Tracker?

The sports experts from polar have embarked a new, but actually the way: the fitness Tracker polar M600 is the first fitness tape with Android wear – and therefore Smartwatch at the same time. So the manufacturers tried together to get the best of both worlds of product: although even during Smartwatches Fitness-Tracker-features asked, the wades M600 polar with GPS, 24/7 activity tracking, training coach and 6 diodes pulse measurement. Conversely one could use until now still no fitness Tracker via voice command, let because Messenger messages fully answer – due to the Android-wear system works properly.

The polar M600 will be available in mid-August for around 350 euros. Choose between a white and a black version. Polar announces to offer more colors in the course of the year.

Polar M600: 6 diodes heart rate sensor & training monitor

Polar indicates to use six LEDs as first manufacturer ever, the pulse measurement. To date, there were usually three LEDs. As a result, you want to make the results valid. For a precise tracking of the distance travelled, a GPS module in the M600 is installed. Also, the M600 with the pre-installed to be polar flow app to the ideal training partner. The app called the coach, who help to make the training more efficient and to motivate the manufacturer real smart. The flow app stores also sleep analysis and heart rate data.

Polar M600 with Android wear

In addition to the polar own features that offers polar M600 naturally all Smartwach functions known from Android wear:the Google voice control is on board, through which you start not only apps and to initiate calls, but also comfortable on incoming Reply-message. Like every other Android wear Smartwatch, the M600 room for 4 GB has personal data according to A2Zgov. Of which some may be although factory occupied, the space but is sufficient for various running and motivation-playlists.

CHIP is already looking forward to the test device and meanwhile, mulling whether the M600 both in the Fitness Tracker leaderboard as well as in the Smartwatch leaderboard must prove.