Polar M200: Health Smartwatch with GPS Is Official

With the M600 polars first watch with the operating system Android Wear was presented, which is reflected in the high price is the M200 as a streamlined version with proprietary OS, yet with the key fitness features – and GPS.

As usual has polar also the M200 to the optical pulse sensor built, is the central part of the clock. This fitness data are more accurate and are not only limited to blunt step count. The integrated GPS module for runners is important. In addition, not only individual workouts are monitored, but also your whole day. Evaluated the statistics will be movement and sleep not on the clock, but in the corresponding app by polar. The display comes in black and white, with battery runtimes by up to six days with a capacity of 180 mAh points to, the bracelets are all the more colorful. There are five different color options, ranging from black, white on blue, red and yellow.

150 euros

While the M200 is to be “waterproof” pinpoint wants is polar but not. So, it is not yet up to how many meters you can take you underwater on scuba diving course. On the German site of the M200 does not take Polar is still, in the States, it is available for 149,90 EUR. A worldwide launch is scheduled for beginning of 2017.