Pokémon GO Smartwatch

These days few have not heard talk of the game of the year (and who knows if of the Decade), Pokémon GO. He game of Nintendo that you will take to the street to hunt these small “animals”.

Pokémon GO is the first Nintendo game for phones. The official launch took place in countries such as Japan and Australia, and in a matter of days has been able to play in many more countries around the world.

For those who do not know what is Pokémon GO you it is summarized very easily.

Pokémon GO is a game of augmented reality with the Nintendo Pokemon theme. In the have to find different Pokemon for the real world, and train them to be able to then fight with other users.

For this, you must de install the application in your phone both iOS or Android. Then you logueas in the application or das access with your Google account.

Already are ready for power begin to catch Pokemon. You have to walk to different places, to find them and hunt with augmented reality (the Pokémon in question appears on the screen “added” to the rest of the site you are).

Subsequently will have that visit other sites for recharge and get objects, and also will find fields of training to face you to others users.

Currently for power play must of install the app official from Nintendo that must of download of Play Store or App Store.

The great problem for them thousands of players of Pokémon Go, is the high consumption of the battery of this app. Since you must have GPS enabled, and the screen to make hunting them.

Are already millions of users in all the world who play to Pokemon GO through their phones. But, now you have as a power play of way easy and simple with a Smartwatch or clock smart.

There is no application of Pokemon Go even in Android Wear

Makes some days came the news of an app for to find them Pokemon of way easy. Because even not there is the application of Pokémon Go for Android Wear.

The tool was Pokedetector, an app that you “chivaría” when you are near a location with a Pokemon.

But since makes some days the application already not is is available in Google Play of Android Wear. This is because the app was working with the api of Pokémon Go without the consent of Niantic.

We believe that this single will be “doors to the field” because they will surely be tens of applications in the next few days that provide the hunting of our Pokemon from a Smartwatch (for example the Chinese clock Finow Q1).