Piaget: the Goldsmith, the Watchmakers

The time at the end of the 19th century are still seemed a small mountain village in the Swiss Jura. The family of 19 year old Georges Édouard Piaget bypassed her farm in the small village of la Côte aux-Fées how ever and ever. It was not to think that this farm would run even in the history books.

Piaget watches

1874 here laid the foundation stone for a company that is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury watches and jewelry for decades. The young watchmaker here then set up its “Ateliers de la Côte aux Fées” and began to manufacture high-precision movements for well-known brands. Within a few years, echoed his reputation far beyond the mountains beyond. As the business to his son, Timothée passes Georges Édouard Piaget 37 years after its founding, movements from the House of Piaget are seen all over the world – even if the family name is entered until 1943 as a brand. In the same year, 1911, begins the production of wrist watches.

The company become so successful that a second factory is opened in 1945. In the German Offenbach, the first foreign branch added in 1961. In the following years, Piaget manifested his good reputation, expands it, and manufactures some of the most talked-about models of all time. Including many ultra slim watches that are a hallmark of the manufacture. High-quality gems is famous as well as Piaget for this to be fitted. Today, Piaget has the largest jewellery workshop in Geneva watchmakers-rich region and is widely regarded as goldsmiths, watchmakers.

Piaget collections:flat or diamond impregnated

It all began with movements for other manufacturers, but since 1943, Piaget makes its own watches. And it did not last long, because Piaget introduced the world of watchmaking part on the head. The ultra slim watch was a groundbreaking development for the entire industry. in 1957, Piaget brought the calibre 9 p on the market become the legend. A hand-wound movement, that measure only incredible two millimeters. in 1960, followed by the caliber 12 p, with 2.3 mm height, which FRY automatic movement in the world.

According to mabletonproducts, after Piaget had bought several Cermet and  goldsmith workshops in Geneva to do so in the 1960s began the development of magnificent jewelry watches. But also the model of Polo, whose housing was completely integrated into the strap was a trend-setter. 2010 followed the thinnest automatic movement, as well as the world’s thinnest automatic watch. the new movement as a skeletonized version was presented in 2012. But development and research continued to drive springs of the company. Piaget brought out over 30 new movements in the last ten years alone. Including watches with advanced complications or a Flyback chronograph. Currently, you can integrate watches from the House of Piaget in ten categories.

Exceptional models

Ultra slim models, watches studded with over 100 diamonds and 800 diamonds or equipped with particularly difficult complications, with extra large housing, housing in the form of cushions, wristbands set rotors made of Platinum with a thousand diamonds,. These and many other features have some watches from the House of Piaget. Or even just a single model. The Piaget Emperador in pillow shape combines all these features. Of course a one-off world without doppelganger. This and other exceptional models are for lovers of luxury watches with the highest standards.

  • Altipano
    The thinnest mechanical movement belongs to the collection of Altipano, known for their hand-wound models, all over the world. It measures just 2.35 mm. The partly skeletonized watches, that provide a direct view of the working movement are more finesse of this collection. Most models have a small second at ten o’clock. Another highlight feature of many Piaget watches. It also watches, whose dial under the sapphire glass consists of a work of art from email or lapis lazuli. The Altipano series consists of several dozen, widely differing models. So, even desk clocks belong to the collection.
  • Black tie/Emperador
    The Black Tie collection is almost as varied. The watches are always equipped with a leather strap. Piaget is today also the Emperador, whose housing is just forms, this collection. The Emperador Coussin has since 2008 on a perpetual calendar with complication works together with second time zone.
  • Dancer
    This selection combines the timeless and traditional watches. The maximum 38 millimetre case and the bracelet are made of the same material usually purist kept and mostly.
  • Creative collections
    Unusual shapes, unusual material compositions and watches whose elegance you same search are the result, if goldsmith and watchmaker from the House of Piaget combine their skills and design bracelet or cuff watches. Piaget also leads the collections of limelight and posession, aimed mainly to women who want to know a piece of jewelry and a high-precision watch United.
  • Piaget Polo
    The collection of Piaget Polo is the sportiest of the traditional house and goes back to the first launch of this series in 1979. Today one of the most commonly sold watches Piaget Polo. But even this collection includes models, which were launched only in small numbers. Often have multiple complications watches of the Polo collection and are built as a chronograph.
  • Visible clocks
    Since time immemorial, fantastic jewelry watches leave the Piaget manufacture. The company enjoys an excellent reputation around the world when it comes to elegant watches, whose manufacturing and maintenance requires the highest craftsmanship. A clear sign of recognition of the House Piaget put the city of Venice in 1997, the Piaget was entrusted with the restoration of the famous clock tower on St. Mark’s square.

Look into the future is one of the company’s strategy

Piaget is today not a family business, but among the Swiss luxury goods company Richemont. There were drastic changes in the history of almost 140 constantly. And almost always they paid off for the company and the customers. in 2001, Piaget opened a second factory to promote the positive development. A true high performance Center of watchmaking has arisen at the additional location. Around 40 trades here work hand in hand and develop new movements and innovative design ideas.

2013, the company managed a new spectacular development. The thinnest minute repeater calibre was presented with the movement 1290P . Despite its more than 400 components, it is only 4.8 mm high. It is that creations from the House of Piaget have an almost unlimited life. Provided care and regular maintenance. For this nationwide nearly 50 boutiques are highly qualified dealers and watchmakers at the disposal. In total several hundred boutiques on four continents belong to Piaget.