Pebble Time Round Watch Faces

New Smartwatch available in Germany: the Pebble time round is here, the first round watch of manufacturer from California. Who flirts with a previous model, now has reason to look to: on the occasion of the launch are better to have older Pebble Smartwatches.

The starting price for the Pebble time round is in this country 229,95 euros. Buyer received the round Smartwatch for example with silver case and a 14-mm bracelet in black or brown leather – black 20 mm strap. The 14 mm version completely fails in Rosé gold, however, with 264.90 euros. There is no more expensive versions for now however. The clock is either in the official web shop available or selected providers like Amazon, Media Markt or Redcoon.

Up to 100 Euro discount on older watches

If you bought a pebble time round after 21 January 2016 online directly from the manufacturer, then an email with the subject “Price Adjustment” to the address is worth You then give your order number and email address, then Pebble adjusts the cost at current prices. Long should you but don’t wait – the offer is valid only until 1 April 2016.

In addition, the company has lowered the prices for older models, some significantly. So the Pebble Steel currently for 149,95 euro is available for less than 100 euros less than before. The top model Pebble Time Steel with steel housing costs, however, 249.95, instead of so far 299 euros. As much you save when buying a pebble, which is available for €99,95 instead of 149 euros. The Pebble time is, however, at €169,95 instead of €249 in the offer.

Last but not least, Pebble fitness software Pebble Health announces future updates for the. So about the Pebble-time Smartphone app to get bought an own menu for the fitness center, through which you can follow your activity history. There are additional information via Pebble health raring for runners and joggers.