Pebble: Smartwatch Comes to Germany

Only that Pebble could set off a million Smartwatches and plans new models, was known a few days ago, the popular Pebble Smartwatch now also in Germany is available. For this, Pebble builds a large distribution network in Europe, also German users will benefit from. The wholesaler Widget UK Ltd will distribute the Pebble Smartwatch in future in Europe, Germany is in addition Komsa responsible for it. The detour from abroad and difficulties with customs a thing of the past.

In addition to the iconic original is it also the premium model Pebble steel to buy in brushed stainless steel. German users need access for however much deeper in the Pocket, as American users. While the original still for $ 99 or $ 199 in the premium version of over the counter, buyers need to invest in Switzerland 129 euro or even 229 euro. Also in the Online store can the watches as before at the same prices order.

The Pebble is characterized above all by your E-paper display and the iconic look. Who places value on a modern design and uses the Android operating system, should choose to purchase an Android wear device.  (fab/fvo)