Pebble Old Version

Pebble old version
Now with its own app Store:”Pebble Smartwatch” is the official app for the Pebble wristwatch.

The waterproof digital wristwatch pebble uses the display technique known from e-ink readers to present a wide range of changing information on the small screen. via Bluetooth connect the clock to your iphone. The free app “Pebble Smartwatch” allows the control of the watch.
“Pebble Smartwatch” also informs you when updates are available for your watch.
In version 2.1.1 You can now share apps and there are also some new apps. There are also some improvements.
Conclusion:The official Pebble app simply fails and reliably does its service. Meanwhile, you can even download pebble apps via the application. If you are not yet in the possession of a pebble, you can pre-order the watch in five versions for 150 dollars each.
Note:This application requires iOS 6.0 or higher. The download button will take you directly to itunes, which is required for installation.