Patek Philippe Watches – Almost 175 Years of World Renown

Today’s iPhone users know how cumbersome it may be if a key is needed to open the Smart phone. Even though the SIM card is rarely changed, this procedure gives an impression of what a relief mid-19th century the invention of the Crown elevator meant for watches by the French watchmaker Jean Adrien Philippe.

From now on, no key was needed to smart watches to raise or to ask via behealthybyTomorrow. Philippe was already a respected clockmaker, when he joined the company, 1851, immigrated from Poland, the merchant Antoni Patek had founded in 1839 in Geneva. in 1932 the family star, the watchmaker leading today in its fourth generation, the company acquired.

The Patek Philippe Geneve: Some of the best and most popular watches of the world

The manufacture of Patek Philippe Watches are world’s coveted collector’s items. The luxury watches achieve fantastic prices at auctions. They are among the most expensive watches in the world. Because they radiate timeless elegance, because case, dial, hands, glass and bracelet are made at the highest level. But, above all, because hardly an other watch manufacturer works such artifice in the movement. Thus they are suitable as risk capital investment.

Patek Philippe at the BASELWORLD watch fair regularly presents new collections. 2013 some model premieres are among the 44 pieces. The Haute Horlogerie in Geneva shows up again at their best. Alone on the official website of Patek Philippe, 240 clock models are currently presented. They are divided into ten collections for men and women, who are known mainly through a simple combination of numbers and a letter .

Patek Philippe collection: all watch models

  • 1) Aquanaut
  • 2.) of Calatrava
  • 3.) complicated watches
  • 4.) ellipse of Orr
  • 5.) Gondolo
  • 6) Grandes complications
  • 7.) Savonette pocket watches
  • 8.) Lépine pocket watches
  • 9) Nautilus
  • 10.) twenty ~ 4


The series Aquanaut was launched in 1997 for men and women on the market and is one of the models that best arrive at younger customers due to its modern design. The ten-year anniversary, the collection was revised and expanded