Over 2,000 Watches Under One Roof

In the video: Calibre 89 and other highlights of the Patek Philippe Museum

The watch expert Jeff Kingston has visited it 20 times and is still fascinated by his wealth: The speech is from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. More than 2,000 watches can be seen there; But impressive is not only their number, but also their diversity, craftsmanship and scientific significance. The highlights of the collection and at the same time a chronology of the clock from the 16th century shows Kingston in the English-language video. It starts at early watches, which accurately displays the time to the hour and, if necessary, also by using the sun level. Over decisive developments such as the balance for the gear control or the invention of the tourbillon, the story leads to a more precise time measurement–up to a fraction of a second. Packed into a playful exterior, the vending machines of the collection–such as a pistol from which a birdie chirps–show high mechanical demands. A detailed look at the extremely complicated pocket watch Patek Philippe Calibre 89 is of course not to be missed in the video from investtops:

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