Our New Special: Luxury Watches

As you know the vast majority of us holidays, are over us so… is time to terminate our special about luxury holidays.

We wanted to replace it and has occurred to us that there is a complement above all others especially linked to the world of luxury, the Watch and who have spoken very little of them in Embelezzia in relation to its importance, so we already have a protagonist, during the next few months I will speak of Luxury watches.

Our idea is to bring you not only the trends and to the models more innovative, luxurious and original of the market, but that we also think talk about its history, tell you their references and give you advice when choosing one.

We will go by the history of the watch as an object of luxury and by some of the most emblematic brands, some of them with more than one century of history.

We will discuss the different types clock, so that the tastes of all our readers have response, because you may be younger or more classic, you will give the keys of the latest trends and I will explain how choose a clock and how to avoid scams.

All this while we give the keys to the most luxurious models that are now on the market.

As you can see the theme given to long, we hope you like it. And if you have any model or brand that wants to know more and I would like that we speak of it during these months, you know that you just have to tell us in the comments.