OLED Tracker with GPS and Smartwatch Features

Bottom line:The Samsung gear fit 2 scores in the test especially with its extremely high accuracy. Also the OLED touch screen properly doing here and simplifies operation. The one or the other function is missing in the facilities.

Samsung puts his fitness bracelet Gear fit New on – and, although the Smartwatch gear S2 almost all imaginable fitness features: the Samsung gear fit 2 comes as already the first Tracker of the manufacturer with a spectacular, slightly curved OLED display. The resolution was but upgraded to a whopping 432 x 216 pixels so now no pixel seams are more visible. The touch operation works excellently. Only when direct sunlight is not more perfectly the screen – then make the brightness to maximum. There’s not an automatic brightness sensor. The gear fit 2 offers but still much more than a great display.

Samsung gear fit 2:GPS, heart rate and training coach

Unlike the gear comes to its predecessor, fit 2 with an integrated GPS module. So, you can leave the cell phone at home and yet accurately measure your distance traveled according to psyknowhow. Nice:The gear fit 2 in a card view the distance shows. Still no other Tracker has precisely measured in the test! The gear fit 2 sets so the 100-percent mark in terms of accuracy. A heart rate sensor, which measures your pulse throughout the day sitting on the bottom. During training, the fitness bracelet is aware of whether the performance is equivalent to the personal target or whether you need to give a little gas. For fitness beginners, there is also a workout program as the first 10-kilometer run. During the day the gear fit 2 automatically recognizes whether you just biking, jogging, walking or on the Cross Trainer. You should in addition stimulate competitions with friends.

Samsung gear fit 2:Tracker or Smartwatch?

Samsung again implemented many Smartwatch functions in his fitness Bracelet: news of all popular Messenger apps and incoming calls of course on the curved display appear. Can not response due to a missing microphone but. Integrated media player also like us:on the internal memory you can store playlists and send without smart phone to compatible Bluetooth headphones.
The Watchfaces can configure and trim even more on fitness – so you always have your daily progress in the picture. While the fitness data store 28 days is sufficient, the battery goes after three and a half days in the knee. Loaded the gear will fit 2 via a special loader. By the way: A shower the gear fit 2 loosely holds out, swimming should not go with the Tracker but. Join the fitness band is RAM and Android 4.3 with all Samsung Galaxy phones and Android smartphones with at least 1.5 GB.

Samsung gear fit 2:alternative

Similar price, like shape, other manufacturers:the Garmin Vivosmart HR + 2 is probably the worst competitor of the Samsung gear fit. Although far from visually the Samsung Tracker makes more here, but the Garmin product is clearly ahead in terms of facilities. The Vivosmart HR + joins in addition to Android devices including the iPhone, also features a touch display and comes with 24/7 pulse measurement and GPS. In addition, Garmin’s can be Actioncam VIRB use the Tracker, and the so-called intensity minutes are displayed. Another advantage: The Vivosmart HR + is waterproof to 50 meters.