Not Watch Apple Returns to Scene

The rumor of an Apple clock is nothing new. Just today the WSJ published an article in which he stated that the development of this accessory to the iPhone from the company is very real, but the idea of a “wearable” accessory that matches with your phone is nothing new around the Apple company. By the end of 2011 the NYT also spoke of this.

And it is not the only source of rumor mill on this watch of Apple. Bruce Tognazzini, founder of the Apple human interface group, has also dedicated a few words to this idea and the utility that could get him an iPhone user.

Not to mention a phone as such but a “wearable” accessory

But for the users of the iPhone, a possible phone of Apple shaped clock will surely that could be interesting, common sense and published so far leads us to believe that “wearable” team would be more than a complement to the Apple terminal. With the screen sizes that we are seeing already in smartphones does not seem us crazy.

With the departure of the latest iPod Nano, some voices have been there an initial opportunity lost by Apple to offer already something like a functional watch with exclusive applications.

Rumors of the end of last year put Intel and Apple already working on ideas for the iWatch. A screen OLED 1.5 inch and connectivity bluetooth would be the two main characteristics of this supposed Apple clock.

Now he insists that Apple is working on it, with the curved screens in its crosshairs. On its independence, who has more experience in making Apple-dependent equipment?

Sony has already worked with that concept and flexible screens are already here

You have a wrist watch that second screen of our smartphone to act may not be something that Apple says that he has invented. The idea is not or less new, and Sony has squeezed it recently with not so successful as he would have liked.

Your LiveView tempted many Android users a few years ago but is not over you take out all the potential I think owning. The version of last year called SmartWatch was a good step forward as you can see in the test we did in Engadget.

The future look much better. The screens flexible OLED they will help you to part of a mobile phone is worn, and that Samsung is working hard to make their screens of the first to provide this functionality.

And if Apple clock was a full-fledged phone? The idea is not crazy, and there is Siri to be the main control system when the screen is not manageable with fingers.