NO. 1 G5 in the Test: Cheap Smartwatch with Weaknesses

Recently we for you tested the cheap Smartwatch G4 of the Chinese manufacturer NO. 1, today we want to our experiences with the NO. 1 G5 communicated. The criticisms noted by us have been improved and the wearable at all worth its money?

Technical data

Display 1.2 inch, 240 x 240 pixels, round
Rob MediaTek MT2502
Battery 380 mAh
Interface Bluetooth 4.0
Support Android, iOS

Design and processing

It grabs the NO. 1 G5 from the first time out of the box, is first surprised, how good is the processing in spite of the low price. So the Chinese manufacturer relies on steel in combination with properly processed plastic, which definitely quality work the clock, as one would expect at a cost of less than 40 euros. Even the plastic knobs attached to the right side convince ordinary point and provide access on the timer, serve as a on and off switch and open the fitness tracking feature.

So good me processing the NO. 1 G5 also like, not really appeals to the design of the Smartwatch. With their massive appearance is designed uniquely for the wide men poor and applies to very narrow wrists. Fortunately at least the plastic strap is adjusted variable in length, so the watch can be worn by virtually anyone.


How most Chinese manufacturers is also NO.. 1 for the G5 on a MediaTek MT2505 dual-core processor, which makes the proprietary operating system of the watch at a satisfactory pace run. The whole thing on the 1.2-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, which is measured on the price in order can be considered. Also in five levels of adjustable brightness sufficient and is at least brighter than for many other models of this price class.

Surprisingly, NO. protects. 1 display of the G5 with Sapphire Crystal, what ensures that even after one month use even a tiny scratch can be seen. This unfortunately not always directly responds the touch screen, and it is occasionally necessary repeatedly to touch the small icons to launch an app. Whether debt is because the display or the lacking power, is not really evident.


As already mentioned, is the NO. 1 G5 a proprietary operating system the also used used by other manufacturers. Apart from the pre-loaded apps can only via Smartphone Yahoo! Weather be retrofitted, more applications are available for the Smartwatch unavailable. Although the main functions are available with a music control, an alarm function, a stopwatch and a sleep – and Fitnesstracking, you would have replaced others however prefer more meaningful. So should the calendar, the calculator, the dialer and the apps are probably extremely rarely used for SMS, contacts, and the call log.

For the display of notifications received on the Smartphone with an active Bluetooth connection works always reliably and in my opinion better than many other models. So it is possible, for example, instead of the usual teaser text to read the entire contents of a WhatsApp message arrived. For this you must settle for but also, to get this immediately presented. You would like to see him you must choose once the notification by touch, what was solved not really comfortable.


Are at the factory on the NO. 1 G5 five different Watchfaces of which unfortunately none plain and unobtrusive comes pre-installed. On the right Smartphone application once again three more on the clock can be brought, but they say little at least for me. The same applies to the general structure for Android and iOS available the “Fundo wear”-application, which works mostly rather poorly as a right. So worked the synchronization with the NO. 1 G5 rarely, although Smartphone and Smartwatch via Bluetooth was connected, and the design should be reworked rather once.

Fitness tracking

As any Smartawtch can of course also the NO. 1 G5 count the steps of the wearer, to give this an overview of his sporting activities the day done. While it behaves however quite inaccurate, which is why this function only as a gimmick should be viewed. Partly recorded over 1,000 steps when typing on the PC what the result not only greatly distorted, but robs this even any credibility. The same applies to the integrated heart rate monitor 84 beats per minute showed 60 percent of cases, which is due to the use of a value model.

The fitness tracking already not really convinced us, the conclusion just now also applies to the sleep tracking. This serving to the rough orientation, differs but often in the recorded period up to half an hour from the “true” value. Also has the Smartphone app for the fitness as well as sleep tracking no month or week overview, which significantly complicates the overview of data history.


Now we come to the battery of the NO. 1 G5, which has a capacity of 380 mAh. Like the most Smartwatches the model of the Chinese manufacturer last about two days without reloading, where it is and very close to the evening of the second day. Micro USB is the smart watch but at least quickly tanked and can be tightened again before going to sleep.


But what is our conclusion to the favourable Smartwatch from the far East now? Could us the NO. 1 G5 convince? In some ways yes, in many others, but also not. So the build quality is although, for example, remarkably high and also the display as well as the performance go alright, but just in the software sector and need for improvements the tracking features.

Would the NO. 1 G5 with everyday tauglicherem proprietary operating system comes along and have better sensors, we would pronounce still a buy recommendation even for a price of 50 euro. For the currently requested 30 euro but so many compromises must be made, that you go should have a purchase more closely again through the head.