No.1 G3 Smartwatch Chinese Cheap and Analysis

Pros: ★ handsfree (make / receive calls) ★ SIM card ★ Compatible with iOS and Android beautiful design memory card features ★ ★ ★

Cons: ✢ battery between 1-2 days (loading wireless).

We have tested during several days the NO.1 G3 a smartwatch of multiple features and with a design very similar to the Samsung GEAR S2. A Chinese watch that has a nice design and a very good finish as well as useful.

From we want to give them thanks to iGOGO by facilitate us this smartwatch and can perform a analysis of the NO.1 G3.

As mentioned on several occasions such as with smartphones, Chinese watches are occupying the space of devices at lower price. In the majority of cases we find good devices, the new U11 Smartwatch example, but not very attractive designs like Samsung discussed on Insurancejust.

With the G3, the NO.1 Chinese company has completed the circle (by the circular clock), and it presents a model of clock functional, compatible and additionally with an interesting design.

Design and characteristics of the NO.1 G3

The resemblance with the GEAR S2 in terms of design is enough, so that the G3 is called the clone of the S2 (bridging the gap).

Currently you can find the clock in three colours: black; white and silver; Golden and Brown. The design itself has a youthful style and something sporty, although it is not a watch attention-grabbing too once put on the wrist.

In his side have two buttons, one to turn off and turn on, and another for back in the menu (also it can make of way touch). The belt has the typical buckle closure and adapts perfectly to different wrist sizes.

Although in the features of the watch is indicates that is resistant to the water, not have found reference to any certification. In our case we prefer not wet it, to avoid problems.

Dimensions and screen

We have a 50 gram light clock, and 5.10 x 4.30 x 1.30 cm dimensions. To our seem not so see anything large in the wrist, a size just.

The screen ciruclar touch IPS of 1.3 inches and 240 x 240 pixels. The U11 we find a better screen of 320 x 320 HD. The screen is well protected by the frame of the clock, and comes with a thin shield to buy it.

Have between 8 Watch Face where choose, the truth that we love which simulates a Rolex (US leaves the laughter easy).


The G3 is mounted with a MTK2502 processor, 128 MB Rom and 64 mb RAM. One of the advantages of this watch is the possibility and integrate a card external memory up to 16 GB (unincorporated). Mediatek processor leads to a good fluidity in the passage of screens and running applications.

Both to integrate the card of memory, as the card SIM, can perform it by removing the lid external, and in some cases debermos also remove the support of small screws.