New Release of Apple Products

The new iPhones are there and also an own Smartwatch has presented us with Apple on Tuesday. The Apple affine parts of CURVED editorial staff are enthusiastic and have iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and the Apple Watch in the past hour highly praised. Now it is time to make – don’t worry, it follows no hating, no bashing, the Android group come to Word but a little irritation.

“They are a bigger lot”, explains Phil Schiller “and boy are they packed with pixels!”- and the Flint Center in Cupertino disengages completely. I sit at home in front of the monitor and waver between smile and incredulous head scratching. All the more, Schiller added that more than a million pixels are used on the iPhone 6.

There she was the unrivaled art of Apple, banalities to sell that they terrific, innovative, desirable sound – at least for fans of the brand and the majority of those present on the spot again, (or spray euphoric in the Hall anything but unnoticed?).

5.5 inches and 1080 p display resolution in the plus? A 720 p screen in the 4.7 ZOLLER? That would get me (and anyone else) on a PK from Samsung, Sony, HTC or Motorola no longer from the stool; at the IFA were FHD displays in Android-devices have the boring rules, HD screens no more upper class. And 1 million pixels? After Adam Riese of only a few are more than just those outdated 720 p resolution and therefore really no reason to cheer more. But it sounds just great – and the audience is hungry for great news.

The iPhone 6 is the new scrappy in the Smartphone world

The new enthusiasm for the sizes of the iPhone was really irritating for me though: for many years and even during our IFA coverage until a few days ago I heard the argument for the iPhone, it was so beautifully compact and yet no sane person with it could carry around this huge Android scrappy again and again. This iPhone 6 plus is now but a veritable Phablet, bigger (if also flatter) than as a gigantic gigs OnePlus one, the LG G3 (both also with 5.5 inch screen) and even the touch 4 with its 5.7 inch display. And the “compact” iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch display with 5 inch screen is longer and only minimal narrower than a nexus 5.

6 iPhones are the new scrappy in the Smartphone world – this is inherently not bad, also because they are flat and nicely designed. But why bother that anybody in the Apple fans camp at once? Must Apple offer really only something his followers, so previously scorned standards, which are used elsewhere by now, accepted (and suddenly applauded) are allowed?

And more as a large display, which resolve finally higher than “retina”, also offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus then not on technical innovations; at least, not if you look over the iTeller: the Android-affine ArsTechnica editor Ron Amadeo has distributed a biting graphic via Twitter right after the keynote where he technically be polemical the iPhone 6 4 nexus from which equates year 2012 – that may, but unfortunately is true. Innovative hardware has not shown Apple on Tuesday, you can rotate and use as you like. And cheering as much you want.

What does the Apple Watch to the Savior?

The same applies to the new Smartwatch from Cupertino: I don’t see anything functionally, I now of relevant pages hear what is significantly better or different the Apple Watch as, for example, Android wear – yet, that the future of the Smartwatch would look and could now bring Android wear. It seems to me, also here is rather with faith and hope argued because facts and experiences.

She looks so chic, some say. Well, taste can not fight, but even in seriously, Motorola’s Moto – whose hardware also is flawed – 360, or LGs new G watch R go I think visually at least as much. Its operating concept with the wheel, euphemistically “digital Crown”, alongside the Android was the pure touch control wear counterparts consider is claimed.

Please whoever wants to can assess because final after two minutes Hands-On with the gadget? Also as Android wear and the Moto 360 were presented, we initially impressed in the test of everyday life that waned but quickly. So we wait please, before we choose a concept that only can go up with several hours of use or just fail, to the superior solution. Unless it is again more about hope and faith, because to objective assessment.

I’m basically on this subject with my colleague Gerd: currently no Smartwatch solution convinced me. If Apple should be but have managed to create a coherent concept, I am – but I may not hope that at this point… uh, judge. The chances of them a sales success either way, is nevertheless given – we finally talk about Apple and a corresponding large and very willing purchaser.

And I tend to forgive then now at least this praise: Apple can provide new impetus the Smartwatches as device class alone through its market power.

Entitled joy for iOS-fans

Nevertheless: Come for those who swear on iOS and Android don’t clear plain — and this is yes a perfectly legitimate preference – it is of course desirable that it henceforth, but apps and multimedia no longer on tiny screens large format and in full HD can consider. And NFC. And alternative keyboards. And a camera with optical image stabilizer. Additionally you may cheer ever. As well as indicating there is now also a Smartwatch by the favorite companies.

Just please, we present the products displayed on the iDay as that, what they are – nice, attractive Smartphone of upper-class and an interesting Smartwatch. There are many now and that is a good thing. Technically, Apple closes to the current standard on it already, in terms of sales figures, they will go to or so farther forward. And it’s for the company finally actually, and this requires not necessarily great innovations – thanks to the jubilant, grateful crowd of iFans.

And who knows much,