Motorola Moto 360 OLED

Who would have thought it? With the Moto 360, Motorola has involved the chance to big Smartwatch business this year. In addition to the design, also the technical equipment of the wearables could be a highlight – at least this suggests a leak on the G, it happened for games.

The gel files information after the Moto to run 360 exciting three features in the quiver: the first could iPhone 6 and the iWatch be been stolen smooth from the rumor mill around the and says that the cover of the Smartwatch will consist of the same hard Sapphire Crystal. Including an OLED display is according to the insider, already repeatedly expressed initial information about Motorola devices G for games after in the past days.

OLED would offer

Just when a smart watch OLED would surely not a bad choice. The technology allows the permanent activation of selected pixels at least, without having to provide power to the entire display. This would allow at any time display the time to the owner, not to require him annoying button presses or activation gestures.

The “secret” charging method is induction?

Barbara Liss, Senior Director of social media at Motorola, mentioned already in advance that the charging process is one of the secrets of Moto was 360. A micro-USB cable should not conduct the necessary energy in the battery. Alleged insider information of from G for gamers access Fortunately this topic and reveal what certainly some have suspected: the Moto 360 to fill via induction, for example, through nightly drop on a charging cradle, its battery.

It will be curious what else above a Smartwatch in experience is brought up to the announced release in the summer of this year. Often is it so that a leak is not long alone and interested too, else the neat chronograph is in what you, or?