Motorola Moto 360: Now also with Metal Bracelet

Motorola Moto 360: now also with metal bracelet

In the practice test We liked especially the processing and appearance of Motorola Smartwatch Moto 360 now Motorola unveils its round Smartwatch in the noble metal dress. The special feature of the launch of the second version of Moto-360:Much like the competition from Apple will come also the Motorola Smartwatch in different versions.

Moto 360:Three editions with metal bracelet

Motorola launches Moto 360 end of February with the sale of the metal Motorola. The colours are reminiscent of the color palette of the Apple iPhone: the two variants with 23 mm bracelet come in the colors of light metal and dark metal. The third model in the color of light gold is with its 18 mm bracelet intended rather for the female arm. While the version with leather strap in online trading for around 250 euros is to have Motorola wants to bring his metal Smartwatch for 279 euro in trade. The equipment corresponds to the version with leather strap.  (dps)