Moto 360 Gets New Software with Many New Features

Motorola misses the own Smart watch Moto 360, of course, the update on Android Wear 4.4W.2 and packs but a few cool innovations with purely. The update has now announced the manufacturer including changelog last night. New is a rechargeable battery mode, which deactivates Ambient Mode automatically from 15%. More often, the Moto 360 now synchronizes the time with the smart phone, in order to show it always as accurately as possible. Mood lighting is even cooler, because the Moto 360 smart watch is located in the charging tray, it adjusts the brightness of the display to the surrounding light, for example not to light up at night.

 There are also some improvements to the user interface. The Watch face should be more prominent, which is why a new gesture can be used to remove notifications, but without the same “marked as read”. The notification must only be packed at the top and wiped down. The notification will show up again when new high priority notifications arrive.

Last but not least there are various bug of the smart watch fixes and of course improvements for the Bluetooth connection via howsmb. These are mainly for the connection with Bluetooth headsets, which is indeed possible with the latest version of Android Wear.