Most Beautiful Smartwatch CES 2015

Audi introduced several innovations to the these, and including a luxurious connected watch, a collaboration with LG. It stands by the quality of its materials, but also by its WebOS operating system, LG used here for the first time out of its televisions as an alternative to Android Wear.

The automaker Audi is present at the CES in Las Vegas. It has among other things a smartwatch, in partnership with the Korean LG. The watch, the LG G Watch R-based, has a sober design and has a style more premium than the currently available on the market smartwatches: steel case with a Crown and two pushbuttons, leather, Sapphire bracelet. Our colleagues of Android Central have managed to make a brief essay.

Once paired to a vehicle, it allows to control many aspects and especially to unlock by NFC. The watch is also equipped with conventional LG applications: Voice Memo (dictaphone), Q Voice (the voice-controlled personal assistant), LG Health W (dedicated to health), features to find its smartphone, take pictures remotely, make calls, send messages, listen to music, manage their calendar, or even check his emails.

The Resurgence of WebOS

Surprising element: the watch is not the operating system Android Wear that team the other sports watches from LG, but WebOS, a system originally developed by Palm for its smartphones in 2009 and acquired by LG in 2013 after the acquisition of Palm by HP in 2010.

LG develops WebOS quietly since then is used for its smart TVs, but this new watch omen of a broader opening to the wearables. Just like with Tizen Samsung, LG certainly wants to escape the constraints imposed by Google… A bet far from won.

Below, a video demonstration of the watch made by Android Central: